Revealed Rome Handbook

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Want juicy, no-holds-barred tips to exploring Rome like an insider?

Buy the Revealed Rome Handbook: Tips and Tricks for Exploring the Eternal City!

This e-book (available to read on Amazon Kindle, iPad, or even your computer screen) is organized so you can start reading as soon as you’re even just thinking about heading to Rome, with useful sections on deciding what time of year to come (and for how long).

You’ll learn tips and tricks like:

  • how to pick an authentic Roman restaurant at a glance
  • budget accommodation options you may not have considered
  • how to skip the lines at the Colosseum and the Vatican
  • how to protect yourself from pickpocketing in Rome
  • which Roman dishes you have to try
  • how to take a taxi in Rome (without getting ripped off)
  • where to find drinking water, and bathrooms, while out and about
  • how to navigate Rome’s public transportation system
  • what to do if your restaurant bill seems inflated
  • the best neighborhoods in Rome for shopping

…and much more!

Some recent reviews of the Revealed Rome Handbook:

“Amanda’s love for this incomparable place is accessible and welcoming. In fact, she is herself also accessible and welcoming… Amanda’s multi-layered approach to sharing information strikes me as very appropriate for this most ancient and complex of cities… Consider her book a ‘shortcut to experiencing Rome like a local.’” -Review from the online publication Romeing (full review)

“I love Amanda’s Revealed Rome blog and found this book to be a valuable addition to the insight from the blog. I have encountered many travel books that rehash content from blogs, and this book is not one of them. The book provides new content in a well-organized and accessible format. I am lucky enough to have dear friends in Paris who have made my travels there easy and special. I lamented not having friends in Rome, but this book is the next best thing!” -Reader review from

“Rome can be a confusing, chaotic place. And I live here… The Revealed Rome Handbook by Amanda Ruggeri to the rescue.  I have been reading and sharing Amanda’s insider tips from her information-packed blog Revealed Rome for a long time now. Now they are all in one handy, electronic place.” -Rome blogger Gillian McGuire of blog Gillian’s Lists (full review)

What a gem of a little book! You will love it. Whether you are a novice or seasoned traveler, it covers not only basic and essential travel information, but also gives you easy instructions and simple explanations on the ‘how, what, when, where, and why’ of Rome.”  -Reader review from

So check it out!

You can buy the book through Amazon here.