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15 April 2013


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Thanks for the post, I'm going to try them all :)
For people working or studying at Sapienza it might be worth noting that there is a branch of the Gelateria dei Gracchi in Viale Regina Margherita, 212 which is only an afternoon break's walk (or tram ride) from the office. And I'd like to add "Apple and mint" to the list of flavours to try there.

Amanda Ruggeri

Hi Mic, we'll have to agree to disagree. The other places in my post use natural ingredients, too, and have lots of flavor! ;-)

Corallina, Fassi and De Angelis are next on my list!

Thanks for stopping by, everyone!


ahaha I'm sorry. You totally got it wrong with San Crispino. It's by far the best gelato you can ever get in rome. 100% natural flavors, real fruit, and so on. The gelato is "lower" on flavor because there are no additives at all. That's how gelato should taste like. But I agree on Giolitti (please do not even compare them!)

Corallina Lopez

La Gelateria del Teatro has now moved (just a few meters, tho) and its place is now taken by the newest pizza al taglio by Gabriele Bonci!
Btw, I (born & raised in Rome) do think you are missing a couple of spot. Definitely not Giolitti (not my cup of tea) nor Blue Ice (that's would be a blasphemy). But what about Fassi? http://www.palazzodelfreddo.it/ you can't miss that! And if you do happen to be around Villa Ada, you should give a try to the De Angelis traditional cremolato as well http://www.lacasadelcremolato.com/


Such a good post! I am obsessed with gelato and have just written a similar post about Venice (although just from a tourists perspective of what I found http://mycreativephotography.co.uk/2013/04/24/best-gelato-in-venice-tips-for-finding-it/).

I will definitely use this next time I am in Rome (although I find it very hard to go anywhere else but Gelateria del Teatro because I don't want to have anything with a lesser standard). However, hoping to get married in Rome next year so will hopefully have a chance to try out some of these.

Amanda Ruggeri

Thanks for your comment! We must be talking about different locations of Il Gelato, though; I also passed by this weekend, and the Monte d'Oro location was definitely closed—shop gutted, signs taken off, etc. Strange??? As for Giolitti, it's great to hear they do make their gelato fresh, perhaps I've just had bad luck with the cups I've had! I'll have to give them another shot!

Thanks for your comment! Glad you dream of Ciampini, too. It's what I look forward to all year long...

Alison Kurke

I went to Il Gelato last Sunday with friends who live nearby and it was most definitely OPEN. Moms like it because they sell a cheap 1 euro kids cone. Good gelato, but I must disagree about Giolitti. I went on a tour of the kitchen a few years back and that stuff is fresh, freshly made, and awesomely good, especially if timed right to avoid crowds. In an entire morning of tasting (agree 110% about San Crispino) Giolitti's kiwi was my standout favorite of the day.


I haven't visited most of these except the Il Gelato that just closed, but I dream of Ciampini. The mouth-feel of the gelato is pretty amazing, and the ambiance in that piazza on a warm summer evening—a hushed buzz of people enjoying pre-dinner drinks or some gelato at the end of the day—is just perfect.

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