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25 May 2012


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Hi, I know I'm a bit late to the party, but just wanted to point out that the Franchi address may be wrong. I think it may be 204 rather than 24. I'm planning on dropping in tonight (last night in Rome, staying nearby). I've been enjoying the pizza al taglio from Forno Mosca, not too far away, this week.


Thanks for the suggestions, Amanda! As I commented before, I'm taking a group of students to Rome in the spring and now know where to go so they don't get ripped off after our trip to the Vatican and St. Peter's.


I glanced at this post a couple of days ago and meant to go back and read it before I went to the Vatican. I forgot to do that and after our tour all I could remember was a place starting with "F" on a street starting with "G".
That was enough to go on and I found Fa Bio without too much trouble. It was great!
The guys in there were really friendly and a fresh sandwich and juice hit the spot. Thanks for the tip!


Hi Amanda,

I could not agree more with you. Fa-bio is probably the best take-away lunch option in the area, thanks to the guys only using organic produce. I just love their 'centrifughe'.

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