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04 April 2012


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Amanda Ruggeri

Hi Cecilia,
Yes, you can walk the length of the Via Appia Antica without a problem (or bicycle it). Enjoy!

Cecilia Brown

Hi, I have been on the Appian Way between the little cafes north of Cecilia Mettela and south to San Sebastian catacomb. Can I start this time in the Parco, go south all the way past San Sebastian without encountering any gates, barriers etc? Thanks Cecilia erminiver@yahoo.com

Amanda Ruggeri

Manda: I especially like Hibbert's Rome: The Biography of a City if you want a full overview! More of my favorites here: http://www.revealedrome.com/2011/04/fun-books-read-rome-history-biographies.html


Any recommendations on books that cover the history of Rome.

Stephanie B.

Hi Amanda, I was just back in Rome (fourth visit) during the first week of January and took a nice stroll down the Via Appia Antica. It was the first time I'd been able to do that and it was wonderful! I also wanted to let you know that your advice about real vs fake restaurant bills was extremely helpful, especially in regard to service charges.

I'm taking a group of students to Rome next spring (the second trip I'm leading) and am going to be sure to make time for the Via Appia Antica. Now that I know there's the 765 bus along Tor Carbone which goes to either the Laurentina or the Cinecitta metro stop, I can ditch the tour bus after our visit to the Catacombs in favor of a walk.


Thanks, Barbra! Nope, no Photoshop. It's definitely a beautiful part of the city :)

Barbra @ 30DaysInItaly

Oh my goodness, did you Photoshop that first photo of the Via Appia? The colors are so intense; it's a beautiful photo.

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