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26 March 2012


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Amanda Ruggeri

Hi there,
Happy to help! Shops are definitely more likely to be open Saturday evening than Sunday afternoon. Let me know if I can answer anything else!


Great article! Trying to decide when to spend some time in Monti during a short stay in Roma. Are more of these shops likely to be open Saturday evening, say shopping 'til 8pm before dinner, or Sunday after lunch? --thx!

Amanda Ruggeri

Hi Ruth,
Thanks for your comment! Yes, it is on the same street as L'Asino d'Oro :) Another good nearby restaurant is Ai Tre Scalini (a wine bar/restaurant on Via Panisperna), just a street over. It's also open all day so you can get mid-afternoon nibbles as well.

I hope that helps! Enjoy your trip!

Ruth Callahan

Thank you, this is exactly the type of shopping I love to do, both at home in NYC and traveling. I'm on the same page about disliking the big chain stores, it is getting hard to avoid them in Manhattan!

It this the same street the restaurant L'Asino D'oro is located? that seems like a Good place to stop for lunch? If it's packed are there any other nearby restaurants to stop for lunch?

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