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07 June 2011


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I really liked I Caruso (to which I got by your review when I was there in September), but to be honest my favorite in Rome/Florence/Venice ended up being Merulana Ice :) The lady in charge is really nice, and the flavor + texture were the best.


This article is no joke. I was staying about a 15 minute walk away from this place when I was there for 4 days. It's out of the way no matter which way you slice it, and I walked out of the way 5 times in 4 days to get the pistachio. Everyone always wants to tell you where the best gelato in Rome is, and whenever they do I want to shake them by the shoulders and yell "YOU'RE WRONG YOU FOOL! It's at I Caruso!!!" But then I quietly say "you're probably right," because there's just no arguing...I guarantee just tasting this place will sway anyone's opinion.

Carla Lazzarini

Just got back from Rome. My daughter and I made a daily pilgrimage to I Caruso. It's by far the best- the pistachio is amazing and there are no words to describe the zabaglione panna!! Thanks for the tip! :)

Sydney Reed

Stumbled upon another Gelateria Concerto Di Caruso-Piazzale Adriatico, 20. I had no idea they had two locations. Same flavors, same atmosphere, same open space where you can watch the delicious process!


After an awesome tour this past week we took your recommendation for a wine bar and a couple restaurants and loved them! Especially the cacio e pepe at Roma Sparita. So I decided to check out your blog for other tips. I saw this post about the gelato and ventured over to try it out. It was amazing!! Thanks so much for the great tips and awesome tour.


Oh my, that's only about 1km from where we're staying when we go. Will definitely be checking that out.

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