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02 June 2011


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Hi Marty,

I'd have to know more about the situation. Are you sure that the private guide is actually taking you *into* the hypogeum him/herself? If so, then perhaps there are a couple of guides who have, by this point, also made their own arrangements with the Colosseum.

Martin ungar

I have hired a private guide for three days in Rome who just wrote to offer the Hypogeum tour at 100 euro plus 24 euro pp admission. This seems contradictory to your info, can you comment. Thanks Marty


Still no word, Kristin. I'll post as soon as I hear!

Kristin G

Hello. I am not visiting until November. Is it looking like the Colosseum and Underground will be closed? Thank you.


Hi Sarah,

Good question! Technically, unfortunately, no: In Italy, sites only care if you're a student if you're an E.U. citizen, rather than just resident (with the exception of the Vatican, which lets non-E.U. members get the student discount). That said, if you booked your ticket with the student discount, I doubt that when you went in person to the desk to pick the ticket up, anyone would question you.

The underground is running for all of July, as well as (new news!) August. The only official Colosseum site is Pierreci's, here, http://www.pierreci.it/16843.aspx , but the details are out of date. If you need to know anything else that's not here, though, just ask!


Question for you. I am American, but with a Visa and Permit of Stay in Italy. Often I have been given the EU Student Discount (I also go to school in Italy)...for example, in Paris all museums were free to me.

Would this work with the Colosseum, do you think? Also it is running for ALL of July, correct? Is there any Colosseum sponsored website with more details?

Thank you!

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